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How to Address Compassion Fatigue When There’s Too Much to Do

This is a keynote best delivered to healthcare professionals who provide direct care to patients.

The work of helping people is never done. After a long day of tending to the needs of others, helping professionals often find themselves too exhausted to address their own well-being. In this keynote, Jamie shares stories and songs that acknowledge these challenges and she teaches the four-step process (SING) that helped her overcome her own compassion fatigue.


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How Employers Can Systematize the Prevention of Compassion Fatigue

This is a keynote best delivered to healthcare managers, supervisors, and administrators.

Healthcare organizations face the added challenge of protecting their employees from compassion fatigue. This has implications for employee productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. In this keynote, Jamie speaks (sings!) to the importance of taking compassion fatigue seriously. She also teaches how her four-step process (SING) can be systematically implemented in the workplace.


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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue Through Connection

This is a breakout session best delivered to healthcare professionals who provide direct care to patients.

Feelings of isolation can be a sign of

compassion fatigue. In this breakout, Jamie leads participants through a question and answer session that encourages them to share their stories. Jamie documents the stories to create future songs. Attendees have a chance to connect with each other, talk about their own strategies for self-care, and reconnect with their reasons for embarking on the healthcare path in the first place.


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