The Cared to Death Podcast

Announcing the launch of the Cared to Death Podcast.

Together with my friend Jessica Dahlman, we are launching the Cared to Death podcast on Monday March 23, 2020 at 8 PM Mountain Time. This will be a weekly live call-in show for healthcare professionals.

  • Go to our show page on Blogtalk Radio to listen and follow the podcast.

  • You can also join the Cared to Death email list (scroll to the bottom of this page) to get weekly reminders.

Here is the show description:

Cared to Death is a live podcast and call-in show for healthcare professionals. YOU couldn't possibly have time for self care. But if burnout and compassion fatigue are breathing down your neck, it's time to get real. Your irreverent hosts, Jamie and Jessica, take a straightforward approach to these problems and leave most of the touchy-feely stuff to the other self-help shows. We mix together some gallows humor, scholarly research, and virtual hugs to take on the dark side of healthcare. We address topics like overwhelm and exhaustion, grief, workplace issues, boundaries, strategies for self care, anxiety and depression, weird stuff like miracles and spirits, the healthcare system, navigating relationships, avoidance, denial, and backup plans. It’s a real party on our podcast. But really, we know you need to talk.

Here are the different ways you can connect with us on the podcast:

  • You can call in at the number provided by Blogtalk Radio.

  • You can chat with us during the show.

  • You can send us a message now at by clicking the "submit a question" link on our home page or our contact page. This is a good option if you can’t make the live show or don’t want to be on air.)

About your Cared to Death Live Podcast hosts:

Jamie Wyman, JD, MA

Jamie is a speaker and singer-songwriter, a 4th generation Montanan, a dog lover, mastermind of Cared to Death, and Executive Director of The Great Blue Song Project. She has a law degree with a focus on healthcare, an MA in Women’s Studies, and BA in psychology and french. She worked in anti-violence settings (including hospitals) for over 10 years before she burned out and changed course. She is driven by a fierce commitment to transforming the work of helping people.

Jessica Dahlman, RN

Jessica is a goddess, mother, wife, friend, neighbor and registered nurse, working in the trenches at her local hospital. She has over 15 years of experience working in healthcare. Before that she was a massage therapist. Also a dog and plant lover, Jessica lives in Northwest Montana.

We want to know what you need. Please don’t be shy about calling or chatting with us live on the podcast or sending us a message.


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