88 Radical Things

Self care is a phrase that lands on my shoulders like a hundred pound hiking pack.

I don't really know what that feels like, but it sounds hard. Self care seems that hard sometimes. It seems like I’m going to have to plan something. It feels like I probably won’t stick to my plan. Self care seems like it is going to take time that I don’t have. If I do make a plan and follow through, there is no guarantee I will allow myself to enjoy the self care once I start it.

Side note: I completed my second spin class ever today and it did NOT feel great while it was happening. Also, who is that lady next to me that kept spinning after the class was over?! Sheesh. The truth is, sometimes self care is hard. However, there are many many ways to take care of yourself that do not involve hard work, commitment, follow through, or even a plan.

I did a little brainstorming for you.

There goes your excuse about not knowing what to do. I love brainstorming. This is one of my superpowers. I could have kept going into eternity, but I decided to stop at 88 because that’s how many keys are on a piano. If the creator of the piano thought 88 was a good place to stop, who am I to argue. Plus, in numerology and in China, the number 8 is the number of abundance. It looks like an infinity symbol. When you put two infinity symbols next to each other, you get a lot of infinity. That means, if you pick one of these 88 radical ways to take care of yourself, you’ll be reaping infinite benefits. This is all very scientific.

What are you waiting for? Get started already!

Here they are...88 radical things for you to try:

  1. Saying no because you want to.

  2. Saying yes because you want to.

  3. Finding delight in small things.

  4. Serving yourself dinner first.

  5. Asking someone else to cook a meal for you.

  6. Taking one extra minute to listen.

  7. Making eye contact.

  8. Giving a bear hug.

  9. Asking for a bear hug.

  10. Asking questions.

  11. Entertaining the impossible.

  12. Screaming at the top of your lungs.

  13. Asking for a raise.

  14. Taking a day off just because.

  15. Talking about death.

  16. Making a bucket list.

  17. Crossing something off your bucket list.

  18. Finding your toes.

  19. Putting your bare feet on the ground.

  20. Running around the block.

  21. Answering truthfully when someone asks how you are.

  22. Surprising someone just because.

  23. Stopping to smell the roses.

  24. Going to bed early.

  25. Staying out late.

  26. Having a personal dance party.

  27. Organizing your closet.

  28. Investigating your family history.

  29. Going back to school.

  30. Retiring.

  31. Reading a novel.

  32. Listening to your gut.

  33. Following your heart.

  34. Paying attention to your goosebumps.

  35. Feeling your feelings.

  36. Writing a love note.

  37. Making amends.

  38. Talking to a therapist.

  39. Looking at the stars.

  40. Finding shapes in the clouds.

  41. Singing karaoke.

  42. Making a new friend.

  43. Giving yourself a break.

  44. Calling yourself out on procrastination.

  45. Soaking your feet.

  46. Sobbing.

  47. Laughing until you cry.

  48. Going on a date.

  49. Planting a tree.

  50. Potting a plant.

  51. Adopting a kitten.

  52. Playing a practical joke.

  53. Writing a poem.

  54. Finding the prize in the Cracker Jack box.

  55. Taking a hike.

  56. Taking a nap.

  57. Taking a road trip.

  58. Making love.

  59. Baking bread.

  60. Splurging on a nice bottle of wine.

  61. Shopping for an outfit that makes you feel sexy.

  62. Writing to your representatives.

  63. Filing a grievance.

  64. Protesting.

  65. Standing up for the little guy.

  66. Standing up for yourself.

  67. Watching a movie.

  68. Taking a tour of your hometown.

  69. Finding a great view.

  70. Redecorating.

  71. Updating the photos of your family on your desk.

  72. Bragging about your family.

  73. Telling your family what you love about them.

  74. Listening to someone else’s heartbeat.

  75. Playing a game.

  76. Finishing a race.

  77. Hiring a personal trainer.

  78. Hunting or gathering your own food.

  79. Finding your third eye.

  80. Investigating something.

  81. Repositioning your refrigerator magnets.

  82. Cleaning your toilet.

  83. Calling your mother, even if she’s gone.

  84. Calling your father, even if he’s gone.

  85. Lighting a candle.

  86. Building an altar.

  87. Taking your vitamins.

  88. Making your own list of radical things.

Just re-reading this list made me smile. Bam. Smiling: self care. Patting myself on the back: self care. Some of these items will take A LOT of work. Some of them will take no more than 5 seconds of your attention. Take your pick. You'll find the one you're ready for. Just promise me this: you won't berate yourself for not doing any of them. Cuz that's the worst.

Tell me what you picked or share your list. I want to see what you come up with.

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